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EnduraFit Fabrics

EnduraFit uses several different products in our line of apparel; all of which are moisture wicking. Ordinary cotton t-shirts soak up moisture, adding weight and discomfort to the wearer. While cotton t-shirts hold onto all of the perspiration, EnduraFit products allow the moisture to be pulled away from the inner surface of the fabric to the outside surface more quickly so it can evaporate.

Our Micro-Poly LooseFit fabric is a silky smooth 6.0 ounce polyester fabric that not only wicks moisture away from your body, but also has an anti-microbial agent in order to keep odors at bay. The products made with these shirts can be used in any situation from athletics to corporate casual and everything in between. All of these products are stocked in 6 colors

Our Closed Hole Mesh Polyester is a more athletic looking lighter weight fabric used for t-shirts, running tanks, women's lacrosse and field hockey uniforms, etc. This fabric is mesh on the outside with a flat (non-mesh) inside so it does not appear "holey". It's breathability is phenomenal and always feels dry, even under the most severe field conditions. All of these items are "CUSTOM MADE", but we stock the fabric in about 12 colors.

Similar to Under Armour Heat Gear, EnduraFit's version of their product is designed to keep you dry and comfortable. Made from 83% Nylon (Polyester in some cases) and 17% Lycra these products provide maximum comfort with minimum restriction in movement. These products are perfect for wearing as a first layer under a uniform, as workout gear, or even as a lightweight shirt for swimming or surfing. In most cases, these products are "CUSTOM MADE" and we stock the fabric in up to 6 colors.

EnduraFit will continue to seek out and add new fabrics to our line as the need arises. We are currently in the process of developing a product similar to Under Armour Performance Grey and Anvil Dri-Release T's. Please feel free to inquire about these or any other fabrics you might need for your project.