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Original Rack Jacket  
Original Rack Jacket
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EnduraFit Rack Jacket


The first product on the market specifically designed to keep your bike dry while in the rack

at a triathalon. It is made from 70 denier ripstop nylon and is coated with DWR, making this

product extremely water resistant.

This is a more environmentally friendly way to protect your bike than old trash bags.  Many race directors are banning such disposable coverings because they get left behind or blow off overnite, making clean up difficult and time consuming for the volunteers, etc.  

After you use the Rack Jacket for overnite protection, you can lay it on the ground in the morning and use it as a "transition mat".  Then, at the end of the day, you can throw all of your wet, smelly, dirty gear in it, pull the drawstrings and carry it out like a bag.  

When you get home, wash everything you want to wash, fold it all back up and stow it in your good tri bag for next time.


Neat, easy, reusable and multi-funtional.  What else could you want?


This product is not designed for use on a vehicle car rack.  Please look at our Top Hat product for vehicle travel.

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